Unit 4A Realidades

Capítulo 4 ¿Adónde vas? (Where are you going?)

• Talk about locations in the community
• Discuss leisure activities
• Talk about where you go and with whom
• Learn how to ask information seeking questions
• Understand cultural perspectives on leisure activities

Realidades 4A Unit Test
Quizlet Vocab Chap 4A

Chp 4A Vocabulario PP

Chp 4A Vocabulario (lista) Powerpoint

Chp 4A Gramatica- the verb IR
Chp 4A Encuentra la foto (wksh)

Chp 4A Encuentra la foto (pics)

Chp 4A Gramatica- Interrogatives

Chp 4A Prueba 4A1 Study Guide
Chp 4A Prueba 4A3 Study Guide

Chp 4A Prueba 4A4 Study Guide

Chp 4A Examen Study Guide

Online Realidades Textbook with Activities

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Practice Activities
Canciones de hip hop
Animated Verbs
Audio Files
Reading Skills Worksheets
Internet Link Activity
Test preparation
Repaso del capítulo (PDF, 284 KB)
Integrated Performance Assessment (DOC)

We also use the following websites as reference and additional activities:

http://www.wordreference.com – A useful dictionary.
http://www.quizlet.com– A website you can use to create interactive games and quizzes. http://www.quia.com – Grammar and vocabulary practice.
http://www.phschool.com– Our online textbook with activities and supplemental materials.