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In the process of telling time, … if the hour is anywhere from 1:00 through 1:59, the verb form is singular — pretty much because 1 (one) is singular. Any other hour (i.e., 2 or more – all the way through 12) is plural, … so the verb is plural. […]

¿Qué hora es?

Spanish English Saying hello and goodbye Hola. Hello. / Hi. Buenos días. Good morning. Buenas tardes. Good afternoon. / Good evening. Buenas noches. Goodnight. Adiós. Bye. / Goodbye. Hasta luego See you later. Hasta pronto. See you soon Hasta ahora. See you in a minute. Hasta mañana. See you tomorrow. […]

¡ Hola !

A (a) Always sounds like a as in father. B (be) Same as V. Both are between English B & V. C (ce) Hard before a, o, & u. Soft before e & i. sounds like an s (or th (thick) in many parts of Spain CH (ce hache) Same […]

El Alfabeto